✏️ Je vais à la France!

Today I'm shipping out to Lacoste, France where I'll be studying abroad for 8 weeks.

Most of the traveling in my life has been fairly thrifty. Whether we're braving the sketchiest of food trucks or flying to Rome without hotel plans, my family and I consistently kick the travel channel's ass on half the budget. However, this trip is more more official, and is obliged to cater to the lowest common denominator of sheltered rich kids. I'll be sharing itineraries with the same kids that buy guac and an Izze every time they go to chipotle. Needless to say, my new camera, my learn-french-cheat-sheet, and I will have to forge some adventures of our own and carry out the family tradition. Maybe I'll meet some friends who will tag along. 

Which reminds me. I know almost no one going. Most of my friends who study abroad choose to go to Lacoste in the spring. That way, they can be joined by their same Savannah friends who are all equally infatuated by the thought of painting baguettes in a warm field of sunflowers. I get it. I really do. But I'm more excited by the thought of traveling to an new climate with a bunch of new people. I'm going for a change of scenery, so I don't see a reason to decorate it to be more comfortable.

I've also decided to delete all social media while overseas—for two reasons. One, staying updated with Savannah friends would keep me from being fully present for the adventure. And two, I will drink battery acid before adding my name to the list of SCAD kids who have Snapchat-ed ironic selfies with the Mona Lisa. All that to say, call me if you want to hear about things. I'm stoked out of my mind.