✏️ Lacoste Update #1

It's been a mere week since our arrival in France, and I can already confidently call this my favorite time since coming to SCAD. Very few days pass where I don't pinch myself from the happiness this place exudes. 

Lacoste is a little town on the hill in the south of France. In the valley beneath the town is a small villa called Maison Bass, where all the advertising students are staying. Our physical and social separation from the rest of the village earned us the nickname, the "Ad Frat House", which birthed the jokes and filming of our mock reality show Real World Lacoste (The Real Housewives of Maison Bass was the runner up title).

View of Lacoste from Maison Bass

View of Lacoste from Maison Bass

I learned on the orientation tour that Lacoste was the home of Marquis de Sade. Mr. Sade was a French philosopher from whose name we derive the word sodomy. Needless to say, our classrooms did not have plaques with history lessons on them. I also learned that this is a bad fact to lead with when relatives ask about your trip.

For the most part, the locals have been extremely friendly. Between exhausting my repertoire of maybe 3 French phrases and playing charades, I've always been able to communicate without offending anyone. With one exception. Some friends and I were eating at a cafe in a neighboring city, where, via my translator app, I braved ordering off of their recommendation. Either this waitress was bitter towards Americans, or my translator's lack of linking words changed it to "you piece of shit ", because her interpretation of an authentic French sandwich was a hamburger patty and fries sacrilegiously torn apart and thrown onto a ketchup coated baguette. My friends tried telling me that it was a real item from the menu. But I knew. I knew.

There is so much that I could write about. I've been exploring caves in rock quarries, writing guitar riffs in vineyards between classes, discussing philosophy with old French professors, and most importantly, blowing all my cash on fancy-ass cheeses.

Overall, I feel refreshed. New friends and new scenery. I'll post photos before too long.

P.S./F.Y.I. In context, this is actually an extremely masculine friend group. I am one of (I think) 3 straight guys on this trip. And my roommate Trevor, who is usually with us, just happened to be in class when we took this picture.